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Chris Fenton

Chris Fenton, the specialist turned creator of “Taking care of the Dragon, Inside the Trillion Dollar Dilemma confronting Hollywood, the NBA and American Business,” obviously generally approves of such a robbery. And keeping in mind that those may be shrewd words for entertainers, I don’t think he was discussing Hollywood . . . Read more

Amy Robach Biography

Amy Robach is the co-anchor of ABC News’ “GMA3: What You Need to Know,” a daytime program bringing viewers the latest news, information and human interest stories each day. She also reports for “Good Morning America,” co-anchors ABC News’ “20/20” and reports across ABC News platforms. READ MORE…

Dateline Crime Capsule: Jonestown

Dateline Crime Capsule: Jonestown ( In 1978, the bodies hundreds of followers of the Reverend Jim Jones were found, poisoned, in Jonestown, a jungle compound established in Guyana, a small South American country.